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Probiotics for Children containing SBOs ensure full absorption in the GI Tract for a stronger immune system and improved wellbeing


In our mission to help children aged 4 years and above build a stronger immune system by restoring a healthy balance of the “good gut bacteria”, KIKI Health’s Body Biotics line of supplements now offers a specially formulated probiotic supplement for kids which is made with real fruit and wholefoods.

KIKI Health has designed a specially formulated probiotic supplement for kids, which is made with real fruit containing no added preservatives, sugars, fillers, sweeteners, additives or binders. The gummies are ideal for children aged 4 years and above and come in a natural, child-friendly, delicious fruity flavour.

Body Biotics Gummies for Children contain the same live SBOs (soil-based organisms) from the adult Body Biotics formula, but with a reduced dose targeted specifically at kids four years and up to help build a stronger immune system through optimum gut health.

The SBOs in KIKI Health's Body Biotics Gummies are not endogenous to the body; they are friendly, foreign bacteria that stand readily available to help defend the body against other unfriendly invaders.

Unlike other probiotic supplement manufacturers, Body Biotics Gummies does not rely on high CFU counts in the hope that some of the delicate strains would survive the journey to the gut. The unique formula in Body Biotics Gummies are entirely dormant until they reach the GI tract and are designed to resist heat and temperature changes, they are resilient to stomach acid, fluorine, ascorbic acid and bile.

Once digested, they can easily reach the lower GI tract, where they multiply into billions to have a positive effect and support the gut microbiome. This is a key advantage Body Biotics Gummies has over other probiotic formulas: they not only help to replenish the natural friendly flora and restore a healthy balance between "friendly vs. unfriendly" gut bacteria – but also reach the GI tract fully intact where the live SBOs multiply to be completely utilised by the body.

Body Biotics Gummies for Children - contain a blend of 8 Soil-based organisms (SBOs) friendly bacterial live cultures of the most effective and gut health-boosting bacterial lacto and bifido "super strains" which literally steer the digestive system towards proper absorption of nutrients, discarding waste through normal elimination and thereby dramatically increasing the body's ability to stay healthy from the inside.

The sheer amount of processed and contaminated foods we often consume means there's now a greater need to keep the healthy bacteria multiplying in the gut, which is especially important in young children. A healthy GI tract and digestive system are the key to improving overall health in children and adults.

✓ Live and thriving SBOs
✓ Made with real fruit
✓ Highly absorbable
✓ Supports immune system
✓ No Sugar or sweeteners added
✓ No Synthetics or artificial ingredients
✓ Delicious fruity flavour
✓ Vegan

KIKI Health produces optimum food supplements for both children and adults, made from select and whole-food ingredients which are completely free from maltodextrin, GMO’s, additives, synthetics, chemicals, artificial colouring, dairy, lactose or preservatives, making them ideal for anyone following a clean sustainable diet. Body Biotics Gummies for Children are a delicious and nutritious supplement to help rebuild the gut’s beneficial bacteria, improving children’s health and overall wellbeing.

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